Superintendent - Submits for the consideration and order of Government the inconvenience to which he is reduced by being deprive of the assistance of the the Medical Officer in charge of the Ramghur # at Hazareebagh - Forwards Correspondence on the subject with the Commanding Officer at that Station. Has applied to the Magistrate at Gya for the Services of the Survey stationed there, whose travelling expences, he trusts will be defrayed by Government - Solicits the determenation of Government as to the particular Medical Officer on whom he may have a claim for Medical advice - Suggests some provision being made for Medical Assistance to Staff Officers at Stations having only a Regimental Surgeon, who receiving no allowance for it, does not consider himself boud to attend upon an Officer not in his Regiment.

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Identifier PR_000001912162
File No. O. C., 24 Aug., No. 29 & 31

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