India Size of maps 21, 21A: 30.0 cm x 36.0 cm; map 21B 28.4 cm x 20.4 cm , between borders, Each map in single sheet. Latitudes from 50N to 350N and longitudes from 700E to 950E drawn and numbered; main mountain ranges on maps 21 and 21A shown by vertical hechures and 21B, with grey tint; maps 21, 21 A contain inset maps wherein 200S latitude and 600E longitude marked and numbered; contain detailed ‘tables ‘ explaining the various territorial acquisitions of the British from 1757 onwards upto 1843; map 21B ‘Proof copy ‘ published in late Col. R.H.Phillimore’s vol. III.

Department Survey Of India (Maps)
Place India
Series Cartographic Notes
Identifier CR_000002286607
File No. 1841-60-21(A)
Scale 30.0 cm x 36.0 cm
Collection Digitized Cartographic Records
Series Cartographic Notes

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