Kumaon Size of map 35: 78.0 cm x 134.5 cm, actual area; in single sheet; maps 35A – 35F are of different sizes from 38.0 cm x 43.3 cm , actual area to 53.3 cm x 86.0 cm, actual area and are on tracing cloth. No co-ordinates marked or numbered on map 35; 35A- 35F cover latitudes 29000’N to 30000’N and longitudes 700E to 800E; hand-drawn but not coloured; no topographical details given except relief, rivers and roads crossing the boundary line or adjacent to it; relief shown by horizontal hechures; major roads in double lines of red and some routes in single lines of burnt sienna; rivers also in burnt sienna on map 35; routes, on others, in double lines of burnt sienna ; sites of places also in burnt sienna. No tittle and scale marked on map 35 II

Type Of Document Digitized Document
Department Survey Of India (Maps)
Date Uploaded (YYYY-MM-DD) 2018-01-06
Place Kumaon
Series Cartographic Notes
Organization National Archives of India
Identifier CR_000002286638
File No. 1841-60-35(E)
Scale 38.0 cm x 43.3 cm
File Size 3.0
Pages 1
Collection Digitized Cartographic Records

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