Tinnevelly Size: 82 cm x 126.5 cm , actual areas ; three sheets pasted together. No coordinates drawn or numbered; hand-drawn in black ink and coloured ; unconventional symbols used for topographical details; releif shown bygrey tint; roads in single lines of sepia; lines triangulations marked ;sites of 'Salt Godown ' and 'Parchary' also shown. Two watermarks on the sheets: (1) J WHATMAN1808, (2) J WHATMAN1804.

Type Of Document Digitized Document
Keywords John Robinson
Department Survey Of India
Date Uploaded (YYYY-MM-DD) 2018-01-06
Place Tinnevelly
Series Cartographic Notes
Organization National Archives of India
Identifier CR_000002286480
File No. 1801-20-19(C)
Scale 82 cm x 126.5 cm
File Size 12.5
Pages 1
Collection Digitized Cartographic Records

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