(1) Termination of the concessional freight rates agreement between the Bengal Nagpur Railway and the Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited with effect from the 1st July 1933. (2) Sanction to the grant of rebate to the Tata Iron and Steel Company down to 1/15 pie per maund per mile on quantities of the raw material Viz. Coal, iron ore, limestone and manganese ore which are required by the firm for the manufacture of pig iron rail from Tatanagar for sale as pig iron. (3) Refusal by the Board to sanction the terms of the Bombay agreement which was the out come of the meeting between the Chairman Board of Directors, Bengal Nagpur Railway and the Directors of the Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited on the 15th and 16th December 1933. (4) Acceptance by the Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited and the Bengal Nagpur Railway of the terms of the revised arrangement as outlined by the Railway Board namely charging according to the new schedule of rates notified by the Bengal Nagpur Railway to have effect from 1st July 1933, but with the grant to the Steel Company of a rebate of 25% of the total conveyance charges under certain specified conditions. (5) Refusal of the Board of Tata's request to apply the rebate of 25% to terminal transhipment, ferry and similar other charges

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