1933 - Grant of house rent allowance to certain members of the S.V.E.'s office at Simla. 1934 - Exemption of certain members of the S.V.E.'s office from payment of house rent and charges on account of furniture, taxes and electric light in respect of quarters allotted to them by Central P.W.D. in Simla. 1935 - Fixation of scale of house rent allowance to members of S.V.E.'s office who are entitled to rent free accommodation but are not provided with government quarters or house rent allowance in lieu there of. 1938 - Government quarters at Summer Hill occupied by Mr. David proposal to 1. Transfer quarter to V.E. or 2. Exempt Mr. David from payment of services charges

Keywords Bilaspur Cottage
Viceregal Estates
Finance Department
Colonel A.H. Muir
Department President Secretariat
Branch Accomodation
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