Laying of the following Rules made under DMC Act 1957 on the table of Lok & Rajya Sabha under Section 479(2) of that Act. 1) D. M. C. (Election of Councillors) Rules 1958. 2) D. M. C. (Election of Councillors) Rules 1958 Amendment. 3) D. M. C. (Election of Alderman) Rules 1958. 4) D. M. C. Terminal Tax Rules 1958. 5) D. M. C. (Allowances of Councillors and Alderman) 6) D. M. C. (Facilities for Mayor) Rules 1958. 7) D. M. C. (Determination of final issue of rate of water) Rules 1958. 8) D. M. C. (Determination of cost of disposal of sewage) Rules 1958

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Municipal Corporation Act
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