Question for the Parliament of India by Prof. K.T. Shah and Shri Shah and Shri Dwivedi regarding (i) the number of officers of the I.C.S. and of the armed forces holding King's Commission of present day members of the I.A.S. have expressed a desire to retire from 15.8.47 to 31.1.51. before the date due for retirement under the Ordinary Service Rules; (ii) What Pension, gratuity, compensation or other indemnity of allowance paid, snactioned, or made payable to such personnel; (iii) have any such person been re-employed by the Government in or under any Ministry of the Central Govt. or any States Govt. in India in any statuory corporation, Board, or commission of the Govt. o India in or outside India or in any private industry, enterprise, profession or service directly or indirectly aided, protected of encouraged by Govt. in any post like to give undue advantage to such employees because of his past experience of or connection with Govt. departments?

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State Public Service Commission
Ministry of Defence
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