Settlement of boundary dispute between Indore and Mewar by Lieut. C.H. Pritchard. Indore, Mewar 1. Ramnagar of Nandwar versus Chandkera of Begum. 2. Alwar of Nandwar versus Umedpura of Begum. 3. Nandwar of Nandwar versus Manawar of Begum. 4. Mandwa of Nandwa versus Bhawar of Begum. 5. Nandua of Nandwar versus Gorla of Begum. 6. Zahimpura of Nandwar versus Manwar of Begum. 7. Nanwas of Nandwar versus Umarkhal of Begum. 8. Shepura of Nandwar versus Umarkhera of Begum

Keywords Anandi Parshad
Department Rajputana State Agency_Residency
Branch Boundary new P-Branch
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File No. 213-BOUNDARY
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Rajputana State Agency_Residency
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