Unadjusted cases of aggressions and Boundary disoutes betwen the Native States under the Delhi and Rajputana Agencies. List of Fresh cases between Tijara and Jhujjur and their Settlement (P. 94, 103, 112). Captain Phillips to settle alsp the freseh cases ( 98 ). Destruction of boundary pilars in Gunear and Koondrout. Cases of Jhuhhur versus Khtree. Cases of Jaipur versus Jhujjur. Cases of Jujjur versus Alwar

Keywords Boundary
J. J. Metcalfe
Rewari Troops
Department Rajputana State Agency_Residency
Branch Boundary Old-P
From Year / Date
To Year / Date
Identifier PR_000004074521
File No. 15-BOUNDARY
Location Repository-3
Part IV
Collection Digitized Public Records
Rajputana State Agency_Residency
Language English

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