Grant of leave to Major J.P. Huban, O.B.E., I.M.S. Civil Surgeon Bannu, with effect from the 13th March 1930 Posting of Major D.E.R. Dimond, I.M.S. Assistant Director of Public Health, as Civil Surgeon Bannu. Grant of special pay of Rs. 250/- p.m. to Lt. Col. C.I. Brierly, C.I.E., I.M.S., Chief Medical Officer North-West Frontier Province for holding collateral charge of the post of Assistant Director of Public Health, N.W.F.P. Grant of leave to Lt. Col. M.A. Nicholson, I.M.S., Civil Surgeon, Hazara, with effect from the 21st June 1930 and question of his successor. Assumption of charge by Major J.J. Rooney, I.M.S. we from the 9th May 1920 of the duties of agency surgeon, South Waziristan and M.O. South Waziristan Scouts assumption of charge by Major B.H. Kamakaka, I.M.S. W.E. from the 9th May 1930 of the office of the Civil Surgeon, Dera Ismail Khan

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