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Indian National Army also known as Azad Hind Fauj, played an important role in Indian history. Under the leadership of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose INA opened the armed battle against the British Government. Although INA saw initial success during the early phases of its operation in Imphal and Kohima area but later on many INA officers were captured by the British Government and the historical Indian National Army Trials INA Trials also known as Red Fort Trials started. The trial took place at the historical Red Fort, Delhi which was the British Indian trial by court martial of numerous officers of the Indian National Army between November 1945 and May 1946. After the Second World War, British India government brought many INA troops to India for the trial and put several charges of treason, murder, torture, etc on the troops. INA troops got very strong support and sympathy from the nation and became the national heroes. They were the symbol of Independence. The trial became a national issue and attracted much publicity and sympathy. This movement marked the last major campaign in which the forces of the Congress and the Muslim League aligned together. British Government also realized that Indian Nation Armys activities weakened the British Raj in India. National Archives of India had received these historical and valuable 990 INA files from Ministry of Defence, History Division in 1997. The collection comprises of files, newspapers, registers , nominal rolls , photo albums, trial papers and many more important documents files which throw light on the glorious history of the Indian National Army. INA papers are one of the most important and authentic primary source of information.

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