About Us

Abhilekh Patal is a full-featured web-portal to access the National Archives of India’s reference media and its digitized collections through the internet. It is ‘work-in-progress’ and both the reference media and the digital data will be regularly augmented.

The National Archives of India is the repository of the non-current records of the Government of India and is holding them in trust for the use of records creators and general users. It is an Attached Office of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Set up on 11 March 1891 in Calcutta (Kolkata) as the Imperial Record Department, it was transferred to The New Capital to New Delhi in 1911. The present building at the crossing of Janpath and Rajpath was completed in 1926. For details, visit www.nationalarchives.nic.in

Abhilekh: is a Sanskrit term used in India for records since ancient times.

PATAL: a Sanskrit term for a board, platform, or a surface, has been used as an acronym for Portal for Access to Archives and Learning.