Jhelum Size 116.0 cm x 188.3 cm ,actual area; in six sections. Latitudes from 32025’N to 3305’N and longitudes from 71045’E to 72050’E marked and numbered; hand-drawn on tracing cloth; not much topographical details given except relief and rivers; relief shown as horizontal contours in grey tint and routes marked as single lines of burnt sienna; sections signed by D .G.Robinson, in ink ; map 33C also bears the signature of Lt. Col. A.S. Waugh, Surveyor General of India.1

Department Survey Of India (Maps)
Place Jhelum
Series Cartographic Notes
Identifier CR_000002286628
File No. 1841-60-33(D)
Scale 116.0 cm x 188.3 cm
Collection Digitized Cartographic Records
Series Cartographic Notes

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