Demand of Security, under Section 3 (I) of the Indian Press Act, 1910 (1 of 1910), from the Keepers of the Comrade and Hamdard Press and the Baitul Sharaf Press Delhi for the Publication of Objectionable Writings in the Comrade and Rafiq Newspaper Respectively. Question of Forfeiting the Security Given by the Keeper of the Comrade and Hamdard Press. Issue of a Warning to the Keeper of the Press and to the Editor of the Comrade. Opinion of the Hon'ble the Advocate-General of Bengal on the Interpretation of the Provios to Sections 3 (1) and 8 (1) of the Lndian Press Act. 1 of 1910

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Branch A
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File No. HOME_POLITICAL_A_1913_OCT_142-149
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Home Political
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