Enquiry from the Ministry of Finance (Revenue Division) whether the petitions addressed to the Governor General by the officers of the Income-Tax Department either against their non-promotion from Class II to Class I Income-Tax Service or non-promotion to selection posts, can be withheld under the Instructions for the submission, receipt and transmission of petitions to the Governor General and whether it is necessary to obtain the approval of H.M. whose approval is obtained when promotion of a departmental candidates from Class II to Class I Income-Tax Service is made in accordance with the recommendations of the Departmental Promotion Committee, before such petitions are disposed of

Keywords Fundamental Rules
Departmental Promotion Committee
Department Ministry of Home Affairs
Branch Establishment
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Identifier PR_000004049761
File No. 40/5/49-ESTS
Location Repository-4
Collection Digitized Public Records
Ministry of Home Affairs
Language English

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