1. Extension of the scheme for the education of the children of combatants and non-combatant ranks of the army who died or wore permanently incopacitated while on the active list to all cases in which the parents guardians of the children are not in afflient circums tances. 2. Reciprocity in the matters of Military scholarships between British India and Indian States. 3.Criers of the punjab government in connection with the education of childern of destitute soliliners. 4. Applications for grant of Military Scholarships

Keywords D.G. Mackenzie
Baluchistan Infantry
Indian Soldies Board
Department Punjab State Agency-Residency
Branch General
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File No. G-8-3/1922
Location Repository-3
Part I
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Collection Digitized Public Records
Punjab State Agency-Residency
Language English, Urdu

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