1. Formation of the Council of Regency in Mandi, 1851.2) Question of the grant of subsistence allowance to the relatives or H.H. the Raja of Mandi.3) Rejection of the application of Mian Ranjit Sing for compensation and subsistence allowance from the Mandi State. 4) Grant of allowances to Mian, Bhoop Singh, Kahn Singh and Sher Singh by the Mandi Darbar. 5) Contributtion by the Mandi Darbar to meet the marriage expenses of the daughters of Mian Bhoop Singh. 6) Rejection of the request of Mian Suchet Singh for grant of allowance from the Mandi State. 7) Confiscation of the allowances granted to Mian Bachittar Singh son of Mian Bhoop Singh and his cousin Mian Autar Singh

Keywords Phillour School
Bhup Singh
Mandi Durbar
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Punjab State Agency-Residency
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