Calcutta High Court-Vacancies-Appointment of 1. Mr. Justice Nirmal Chandra Chatterjee as permanent vice Mr. Justice Sharpe. 2.Mr Justice Kulada Charan Das Gupta as Addl. Judge. 3.Mr. Justice Surajit Lahiri, Advocate as Add. Judge 4. Mr. Justice Prasanta Behari Mukerjee, Advocate as acting Judge 5. Mr. Justice Sambhu Nath Banerjee as permanent Judge vice-Mr. Justice Clough 6.Mr. Justice Kamal Chander Chunder as permanent Judge vice Mr. Justice Bires. 7.Mr. Subodhu Rajan Das Gupta, Advocate as Addl. Judge 8. Mr. Justice Prasanta Behari Mukerjee as Addl Judge

Keywords Calcutta
N.C. Chatterjee
Home Department
Department Ministry of Home Affairs
Branch Appointments Special Branch
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File No. 3/7/48-APPTT/SP
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Collection Digitized Public Records
Ministry of Home Affairs
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