Admission to Subsidized Hostel at Anand of certain children of other than Gujarati Linguistic Group at concessional rates of charges: Reference from G.M., Western Rly. asking for approval of their action in granting... Clarification of phrase 'normal rates; used in Board's letter No. E(W)63EDI-37 dated 27-13-63 issued that the intention is that employees drawing pay upto Rs 349/- p.m. will have the concession of subsidized rates for their children in subsidized hostels subject to the condition that the employee is not getting any education assistance of Technical scholarship in respect of the children full messing charges irrespective of the children being students of a school, Science or Technical Colleges or of a College of Art. The Rly. advised that the Board had no objection to any past cases (prior to 27-12-63) being regularised in terms of instructions vide letter No. E(W)63ED1-37

Keywords Bombay
C.S. Murthy
Department Ministry of Railway
Branch Establishment Welfare
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Identifier PR_211200031792
File No. E/W/63ED1-55/1-8
Location Repository-4
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Pages 21
Collection Digitized Public Records
Ministry of Railway
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