Traffic officers. Direct recruitment of Traffic officers for appointment to senior scale posts on Indian Govt. Railways. The following candidates were appointed as Probationers in the Senior Scale of the transportation (Traffic) Department of Indian Govt. Railways. S.No. Names Date of posting Railway 1. Mr. L.M.D Cru 19-9-1949. B.N. 2. N.S. Desai 13-10-1949 G.I.P. Decided that these candidates may be fitted at Rs. 600/- at the sixth year at age of the senior scale. As regards the question of leave and provident fund Rules, the candidates are to be treated as direct recruits and as such should be governed by the State Railway rules applicable to officers appointed on that date. In the case of officers already permanent in I.G. Railway service, such as Mr. D. Crusy, carry forward of leave to the extent permissible under and on the conditions of the new leave rules may be allowed as a special concession. They will also be governed by the state Railway provident fund rules with effect from the date of their appointment, the accumulated balance being allowed to be carried forward as the opening balance

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