Kashmir Size 51.1 cm x 63. 3 cm, between borders; in sigle sheet. Latitudes 32030’N and 330N and longitudes from 770E to 780E marked and numbered; hand- drawn and coloured; boundaries ribbon- coloured; heights of passes marked; boundary pillars also shown; bridges on the rivers, sites of temples and hot springs marked; relief shown in grey tint and peaks of mountainranges shown by vertical hechures; routes in single lines and also in broken single lines of burnt sienna; graticules and lines of bearings, in pencil, marked; contains ‘calculations’ of coordinates of some places in pencil with signature [illegible]; bears two ramarks – “Orig1. Of this Recd.- 14th Oct. / 48”. from Foreign Dept. and returned thereto 4th Nov ./ 48”. In pencil and “(Original Recd. 27th Decr . 1847 in Foreign Dept.) “ in ink and bears the signatures, also in ink, of Capt. H. L. Thuillier, Deputy Surveyor General. Watermark: “J WHATMAN 1847”.

Department Survey Of India (Maps)
Place Kashmir
Series Cartographic Notes
Identifier CR_000002286630
File No. 1841-60-34
Scale 51.1 cm x 63. 3 cm
File Size 3.9 MB
Pages 1
Collection Digitized Cartographic Records
Series Cartographic Notes

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