Khandesh Size 210cm x 189.5cm , actual areas, 10 sheets pasted together and then sectioned into 8 sections ; latitudes 21 N to 25 N and longitudes 73 E to 77 15 'E marked and numbered ; hand -drawn in ink and sparsely coloured ; some boundaries ribbon- coloured and some areas tinted ; a few place-names written in rough hand; rivers coloured grey; towns shown in rectangular shapes in red; releif shown by tint and rough spray of grey and at some places vertical hechures with brush,also of grey; routes shown in single lines of burnt sienna ; scale deduced by comparison. This map is a 'Rough Original draft. Sheets contain four watermarks : (1) J WHATMAN TURKEY MILLS 1818 (2)'Bend' with 'Monograme' and I ring 1808 and 'Fleur-de-Lis ' and (4) J WHATMAN 1817.

Survey Of India
Place Khandesh
Series Cartographic Notes
Identifier CR_000002286462
File No./Reference No./Sheet No./Folio No. 1801-20-7
Scale 210cm x 189.5cm
File Size 2.9 MB
Pages 1
Collection Digitized Cartographic Records
Series Cartographic Notes

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