Grades I and II of the Railway Board's Secretariat Stenographer's Service are formed for the first time. i) Establishment of a Selection Committee in the Board's office to assess the cases of eligible stenographers for panels based on merit. ii) The duty-constituted selection Committee's recommendations are forwarded to the U.P.S.C. iii) Establishment of a new selection committee presided over by a member of the U.P.S.C. iv) The final ranking from the U.P.S.C. v) Representations of S/Shri J.N. Gupta and Thakur Singh-Decision that representationists' demands to seek the U.P.S.C. for reconsideration of their ranks, etc., cannot be granted

Keywords Union Public Service Commission
Mr. J.K. Razdan
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Branch Establishment Railway Board II
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Ministry of Railway
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