(1) Payment of Dividend to General Revenues in Revised Estimates for 1960-61 and Budget Estimates for 1961-62- Demand No. 12- Dividend payable to General Revenues. (2) Statement showing capital at charge, Dep. Ris. Fund and Development Fund balances of ex-State Railways taken over on 1-4-50 with changes made in subsequent years. (3) Implementations of the Recommendations of the Rly. Convention Committee- 1960- Rs. 4.25% rate of dividend- Annual loss the working of strategic lines- Dividend on N.F. Rlys. capital at charge at the average borrowing rate- Adhoc transfer of the cost of new lines in progress on 1-4-1955 to capital by cr. to D.F.- Contribution of Rs. 12.5 crores in lieu of passenger tax and accounting arrangements connected there with- adoption of the provisional figure of Rs. 120.67 crores as over capitalization

Keywords Passenger Fares Act
H.K. Bhalla
Railway Convention Committee
Department Ministry of Railway
Branch Finance Budget
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Ministry of Railway
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