Payment Dividend to General Revenues- Concessions thereof- (i) National investment- Extension of Railway line beyond Kattan to Jammu/Udhampur. (ii) Ore Line Kriburu- Bimalgarh and Sambalpur-Titlag- Exemtion 100% on Kriburu and 50% on Titilagar. (iii) Investment of Rs. 80 Lakhs in R.S.N.C. Ltd. (iv) Purchase of P & T line wires- Dividend at pre- 1964 rates. (v) Metropolitan Rail facilities- Survey expenses charged to capital and exempt from dividend. (vi) Treating of 2.95 miles of track between New Gitaldah Jn. to the border and Darla Bridge estimated cost Rs. 14.02 Lakhs as strategic. (1) Decided by the Railway Convention Committee, 1971 that there will be no pre-determined dividend obligation on the outlay of National Investment- Jammu- Kathua. Actual surplus will be made over to General Revenues. Working losses will be borne by the Railways. (2) Decided by the Railway Convention Committee, 1971 that the extant arrangements on ore lines may continue (exemption of full capital outlay in respect of Kiriburu- Bimlagarh and 50% of outlay on Sambalpur- Titlagarh from payment of dividend). (3) Decided by the Railway Convention Committee, 1971 that dividend on capital outlay on P & T wires taken over by Railways should be paid at pre- by rate (i.e. @5.5%)

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