Absorption of retired/released defence service officers appointed as Ty. Assistant Officer against permanent vacancies in class I cadres of the respective Departments- decided in consultation with the UPSC that such of the ex-defense officers as were of 48 years of age or below at the time of their re-employment on Railway service should be eligible for permanent absorption in class I cadre of the Railways, like other directly recruited. Assistant Ty Officers, after they have earned three confidential reports in working posts, against a normal quota of vacancies to be made available- principles regarding mode of absorption, seniority etc settled in consultation with the UPSC

Keywords Major H.K.L. Khosla
R.K. Nair
V.G. Naidu
Department Ministry of Railway
Branch Establishment Gazetted Recruitment II
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Identifier PR_211200057008
File No. E/P/62RC1-15/1-96
Location Repository-4
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Pages 197
Collection Digitized Public Records
Ministry of Railway
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