Sylhet Size: 98.3 cm x 91.5 cm, between borders; in 2 sheets , pasted together. N o coordinates shown or numbered; hand- drawn and coloured; Jungle area beautifully coloured with blue – tint and trees in dark green of various sizes all over it with their shadows on the east; bamboo groves also shown with artistically drawn symbols; village sites in oblong shapes coloured burnt sienna tint with built- in area, coloured red; trees and tomb – stones also shown; lakes shown in rectangular forms, coloured blue; relief shown with grey tint and routes in sigle lines of burnt sienna; base- lines in black and lines of triangulation in red; bears a ‘ reference’ table explaining the various symbols and also a ‘ note ‘ explaining the dates of erection of pillars; true and magnetic meridians indicated by arrowheads showing variation of 2010’E. A portion of the map in south – west corner is missing. Watermark: “J WHATMAN TURKEY MILLS 18…”

Type Of Document Digitized Document
Department Survey Of India (Maps)
Date Uploaded (YYYY-MM-DD) 2018-01-06
Place Sylhet
Series Cartographic Notes
Organization National Archives of India
Identifier CR_000002286641
File No. 1841-60-37
Scale 98.3 cm x 91.5 cm
File Size 10.1
Pages 1
Collection Digitized Cartographic Records

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