India Size: Twenty three sections of 38cm x54cm,actual area and four sections of 32cm X54cm ,actual area. Hand drawn in ink and coloured; no corordinates marked orNumbered on any section; road shown in single line of black; camping sites of the army along with the route marked and notes on both sides gives de talls of the to-pography, availability of drinking water and grains ,jungles, cultivated and uncultivated areas also roughly marked.Watermark: Three type of watermark given- (1) “J WHATMAN”(1781);(2) ‘Fleur-de-Lis’ With initials “VDL”(1768)and (3) ‘Fleur-de-Lis’ with initials “GR”(1775).

Survey Of India (Maps)
Place India
Series Cartographic Notes
Identifier CR_000002286604
File No./Reference No./Sheet No./Folio No. 1761-80-6A(10)
Scale 38cm x54cm
File Size 2.2 MB
Pages 1
Collection Digitized Cartographic Records
Series Cartographic Notes

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