Combined Competive Examintion-1964-Representations from Candidates Allotted to the Central Services Class II for Allotment to Class I Service on the Results of the- Decided that 1. At the time communication the adverse findings of a medical board to a candidate, we should make it clear that delay in filling an appeal or appearing before the appellate medical board, if one is formed might affect the candidate's allotment to a services of his choice. 2. The Candidates should normally have no choice about the location of the appellate medical board. It should be conveyed automatically in the town nearest his place of residence. 3. We should not wait too long for result of appellate medical board particularly when the delay has been caused by the failure of a candidate to appear before the board. After, a certain date, we should finalise the allotment leaving vacancies only in the services of lowest preferences candidates who have delayed their medical examinations would be alloted to such of the remaining services for which they may have been canddates

Keywords C. Satyanarayana Rao
Railway Board
Union Public Service Commission
Department Ministry of Home Affairs and Department of Personnel Training
Branch All India Service I
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File No. 20/6/66-AIS-I
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Collection Digitized Public Records
Ministry of Home Affairs and Department of Personnel Training
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